Man’s Best Friend

The Labrador Retriever is a lovable, family-oriented breed has so many great attributes that it’s hard to narrow down the best. Today’s Lab is as hardworking as their ancestors with a great disposition, and they are America’s most popular breed. They have endless energy and can play and hunt for hours at a time. Besides dock diving and hunting trials, they tend to perform very well in Agility, Rally, and Obedience. They are non-aggressive, eager to please and naturally affectionate. The Lab is reliable and loyal. With friends, strangers, and other animals, they interact beautifully. Labradors come in three standard coat colors, yellow, black, or chocolate and each dog is different, color is not an indicator of character.

Duck Hunting Companion

If you’re looking for a duck hunting dog, without a doubt, the number one hunting dog is the Labrador Retriever. Bred for marking, retrieving, and delivering ducks directly to your hands, Labradors are one breed you should consider when picking your duck hunting companion. Labradors have webbing between the toes of each of their feet to provide more propulsion and control in the water. They have an oily, weather-resistant coat that is dense enough to keep them warm in frigid water but short enough that ice does not form on the hair when they get out of the water. They have a muscular tail that acts as a rudder in the water, aiding them in swimming and steering. Labradors are considered highly trainable with high intelligence and willing to learn. They aren’t aggressive to people or animals, and they have a soft mouth which ensures they won’t damage game when retrieved. Labradors are the perfect dog to find and collect fallen ducks and bring them back to the hunter.

The Working Lab

Aside from being a house pet or a duck hunting companion, Labs are used for police work, guide dogs for the blind, show competitors, and search and rescue dogs, among other canine jobs.

Now that You Decided

So, no matter the reason you’re looking for a Labrador Retriever, you won’t be disappointed. They don’t call them “mans best friend” for no reason.
Ready to bring one home? Hunter Retrievers has been raising Labs since 2001. We take great measures to ensure that our puppies are born healthy. All of our dogs are OFA Certified, CERF’d, and they have also been DNA’d. Our puppies come with a 26-month hip and eye guarantee. Our Labs have hunt test and field trial bloodlines. To keep our dogs up on their hunting skills, we run some of them in hunt test. Our Labs are very intelligent. So, whether you are looking for a hunting companion or a family pet to share years of memories with, then you should consider one of our puppies. Contact us today at 704-913-0656 or visit our website for more information.